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Shenzhen Juke Industry Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in JUKI equipment and JUKI placement machine related accessories services,For the leader in the JUKI placement machine industry,Especially in the field of JUKI Feida,It also has a good reputation in the country and has become a practical enterprise in the same industry.The company has more than 3,000 in-stock inventory all year round. The company's annual sales of JUKI Feida (Mechanical Feida and Electric Feida) have exceeded 9000. In terms of JUKI equipment, our company has nearly 3,000 square meters of warehouse.There are nearly 30 sets of JUKI placement machine equipment for customers to choose from. The JUKI equipment accessories (JUKI nozzle, JUKI motor, JUKI board, JUKI solenoid valve, etc.) have laid a solid foundation for after-sales.The company adheres to the development of innovation, never satisfied, dedication to the spirit of enterprise; all-weather customer service attitude, a team of skilled and highly qualified personnel, you have chosen me, you rest assured!

 Main projects: 

      1. Providing JUKI SMT Equipment Trading

      2. To provide JUKI feeder/nozzle sales and feeder maintenance services; to provide JUKI feeder replacement VISKER electric        feeder

      3. Provide JUKI original accessories (FEEDER, NOZZLE, EJECTOR, LASER, SHAFT, CONTROL BOARD, MOTOR, etc.)

Concurrently projects:

       1. To provide PANASONIC, YAMAHA, FUJI, SAMSUNG, SIEMENS, DEK, MPM, MINAMI equipment accessories

       2. Provide SMT consumables (solder paste, tin wire, red glue, wipe paper, tape, etc.)

       3. Provide SMT peripheral equipment (printer, reflow oven, mixer, point feeder, FEEDER trolley, calibration instrument, etc.)

       4. Undertake SMT process improvement project

深圳市聚客实业有限公司     深圳市聚客实业有限公司

深圳市聚客实业有限公司     深圳市聚客实业有限公司

深圳市聚客实业有限公司     深圳市聚客实业有限公司

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