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JUKI2050 placement machine component placement accuracy

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JUKI2050 placement machine component placement accuracy

Date:2018-03-15 Author:admin Click:

Up to 80 types (converted to 8mm band)

*1 Actual work efficiency: The chip placement speed is the converted value when 400 1608 components are mounted on the entire M-size substrate.

(CPH = average number of mounted components for 1 hour)

"Smart-site production solutions IS" will be the number of placement machines of the production line like a placement machine to control the same. As a system software aiming at "high-efficiency of the entire plant" and "further improvement of product quality", "IS" implements "Host Line Computer" (HLC) based on the concept of modules and uses barcodes to prevent component misplacement. The software "SCS (Setup Control System)" for traceability and quality management was reorganized and substantially improved, and the scope of quality management was extended from a single production line to the entire workshop.

"IS" is composed of 5 software packages classified by job title and options for further increasing the added value. It can provide corresponding functions for operators, programmers, factory managers, and equipment managers to help users. Achieve "visualization of the workshop", "development of the entire workshop production plan", "improvement of the efficiency of the preparation process" and "improvement of production quality".

To completely prevent component misinstallation, "IS" uses RFID (IC tags). Users can not only use RFID smart feeders (ATF, CTF, FTF, etc.) provided by JUKI, but also can install RFID accessories on feeders that you already own. At the same time, we have also provided you with templates corresponding to the tray feeder and TR series.

Thanks to the use of RFID (IC tags), it is possible to grasp not only the overall assembly status of the feeders of the mounters, but also the use of components mounted on the RFID unified exchange trolleys and RFID storage at a glance. Visualization of component management across the entire plant.

In addition, "IS" is also equipped with the following functions: "feeder management (search element location, preview component supply, feeder maintenance management)", "development of the overall production plan of the workshop", "monitoring the production status" and " On demand production."Fully-featured and innovative new system software "IS" is not only suitable for production lines, but it can also improve the entire workshop's production performance. It is called JUKI's most representative system software.




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