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SMT feeder type

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SMT feeder type

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1. According to the machine brand and model. In general , the feeders used by different brands of theplacement machine are not the same, but the same brand of different models can generally be universal.

2. According to the component size and type of package.

The type is generally 4 kinds

1. With equipment

2. Tube mounting

3. Tray (also known as waffle disk)

4. Bulk

Tape will distinguish the size of the belt

Such as 8mm, 16mm, 24mm, 32mm, etc.

3. According to the distinction between original and imitation

The original is the production of the original mounter manufacturer.

Due to the large demand of the placement machine feeder, there are many imitation feeders in the country. Its quality is also very good.

        Shenzhen Juke Industry Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in JUKI equipment and JUKI original Feida trading, subordinate Shenzhen Kechuangxin Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen Kechuanghong Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd., responsible for two sales at home and abroad. The market, as a leader in the JUKI  placement machine industry, especially in the JUKI original feeder field, is the largest in the country, and has become a leader in the industry, not only in the professional/specificity of the same industry, but also in the Inventory and sales volume is the first in the country. The company holds more than 3,000 in-stock inventory all year round. The company sells JUKI original feeders to break through 9,000. In JUKI equipment, our company owns nearly 1,000 square meters of warehouses, and there are nearly 30 JUKI placement machines in stock every year .Equipment for customers to choose, the company Bingzhe innovation and development, never satisfied, dedicated to the spirit of enterprise; all-weather customer service attitude, by a group of highly skilled high-quality talent team, you choose






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