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Original JUKI nozzle and imitation distinguishing skills

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Original JUKI nozzle and imitation distinguishing skills

Date:2018-03-13 Author:admin Click:

There are many versions of the JUKI nozzle on the market. The appearance looks like a kind of eye, how to distinguish them, so many SMT people have headaches. Below I will briefly introduce and distinguish the characteristics of different versions of the nozzle.

1, ordinary imitation, appearance, no suction body lettering. Because there is no lettering, it can be seen at a glance.

2, there is a high imitation lettering. This kind of imitation suction nozzle, high degree of simulation, anti-disc smooth, no flash, green anti-CD is engraved with "JUKI" words, the body engraved with "HYH10" and specifications such as "502", "503", etc., naked eye Look exactly like the original. However, if you hold the nozzle in the hand and gently press down on the tip, the nozzle spring is very smooth.Gently squeeze your fingers around your head and shake them, then the mouth will loosen slightly. Of course, if you can go on the machine next to the machine, it is more convenient.

3, the original suction nozzle, the appearance of a beautiful, can not see such as burrs, spots and other small maggots, gently press the mouth is very smooth, gently shake your mouth, mouth no head, the machine detection can be identified.

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