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Detailed installation of JUKI nozzle

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Detailed installation of JUKI nozzle

Date:2018-01-16 Author:admin Click:

1. The movement of the XY axis stops, the Z axis stops at the ONCE detection (nozzle) position, and the vacuum opens.

2. The laser performs ONCE detection (nozzle pickup).

3. The Z-axis moves to the suction nozzle to exchange height and the nozzle exchange action is completed.

4. Delay 50ms.

5. Z moves up to the height of the slide

6. The slide is open, the open sensor is on, the delay is 100ms, the vacuum is off, and the blow is on (blowing is stopped for 20ms).

7. Z axis moves to ONCE detection (nozzle type) position

8. The skateboard is closed and the open sensor is off.

9. Laser ONCE detection (nozzle model)

10. Z-axis moves to ONCE detection (nozzle mounting) position

11. Laser ONCE detection (nozzle installation)

12. Z axis moves to XY axis

13. The XY axis starts to move to the suction position

Before the replacement, perform ONCE test (nozzle pickup). After the replacement, perform ONCE test twice to detect the nozzle type and once to detect the nozzle installation.

The suction nozzle return action detailed;

1. The XY axis moves to the stop position while the Z axis moves to the ONCE detection (nozzle pickup), while the Theta axis preloads an angle while the slide opens the open sensor on.

2. Laser ONCE detection (with or without nozzle)

3. Z axis moves to Sweep detection (nozzle corner) position

4. Laser sweep detection (nozzle corner)

5. Z axis retracts to nozzle corner (calculated from the previous step)

6. Z axis skateboard height moves

7. Skateboard closed, open sensor closed, close sensor turned on

8. Blow open delay 20ms

9. Z axis replacement height movement delay 50 ms

10. Z axis moved to ONCE detection (nozzle pickup height)

11. Laser detection for ONCE detection (nozzle pickup)

12. The Z axis moves to the XY movement height.

13. Blowing stops.

Note: 1. The above is for actions with Theta angle correction return. Without Theta correction, there are no 3, 4 and 5 steps. One ONCE test (nozzle pick-up or not) is performed before replacement, and one ONCE detection (suction nozzle presence/absence) after one Sweep detection (nozzle rotation) is performed




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