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JUKI Launches Universal Mounter to Extend the Range of Placement Components: JX-200

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JUKI Launches Universal Mounter to Extend the Range of Placement Components: JX-200

Date:2017-08-10 Author:admin Click:

  Since the introduction of simple JUKI mount components to expand the scope of the smooth introduction of the compact, high-speed, high-performance general-purpose mounter "JX-200". The machine is suitable for users who want to switch from manual placement and manual insertion to placement using a placement machine.

  The new product "JX-200" is based on the current best-selling compact, high-speed, high-performance placement machine JX-100, plus JUKI's unique laser recognition function, and is equipped with the image recognition function in the standard, and thus can be identified from The placement of chip components to 33.5mm square compact fine pitch ICs and various special shape components has expanded the range of mounting.

  In addition to standard models with a size of 410mm x 250mm, this model can also be used to produce long-size substrates with dimensions of up to 800mm x 250mm for products such as LEDs. In addition, touch screens are used in this model to ensure that customers who first introduced the placement machine can grasp the use of the machine with simple and clear visual effects.

  The "JX-200" is also the smallest in the industry. It can be mounted from chip components to special-shaped components with only one mounter. It can also be used for the production of long-sized LED substrates with excellent versatility.

  The main features of this model are as follows:

  Excellent versatility

  JUKI's unique identification function, laser recognition, is available. In addition, the camera is equipped with a standard camera to realize image recognition, thereby expanding the range of mountable components. The mounting range is wide, and it supports mounting work from chip components to 33.5mm square small-pitch ICs and various special-shaped components.

  Chip component placement speed 18,050CPH (0.199 seconds / chip: optimal conditions; IPC9850 conditions: 13,900CPH), IC component placement speed up to 4,400CPH.

  Simple operation

  Using the GUI (Graphical User Interface), the operation screen uses a simple and easy-to-understand visual touch screen, and beginners can easily operate it.

  Making simple performance from recognized data can reduce proficiency and ensure smooth equipment introduction

    Excellent economic benefits

  The external dimensions are 1,455mm in width, 1,295mm in depth, 1,460mm in height, and approximately 1,000kg in weight. The small size and light weight save work space.

  The rated power is 1.6 kVA, and power saving is fully considered in the design.

  Nozzles and tape feeders, production data and previous generation models are compatible to ensure effective use of assets.

  Supports Mounted LEDs (Option)

  In spite of its compact size, it can produce long substrates with a maximum size of 800mm x 250mm used in lighting and other products. With the ability to prevent the color and brightness of the LED from deviating, the ability to cope with LED placement has been improved.




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