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SMT machine feeding process

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SMT machine feeding process

Date:2018-01-15 Author:admin Click:

 In order to standardize the feeding process of the placement machine operators to prevent the non-standard behavior in the feeding process, to avoid the wrong situation on the wrong materials and materials, indicating the placement process of the placement machine.

Mounter feeding process:

1. The SMT preparer brings out the product nesting to be produced from the SMT equipment and compares the GETBOM to check whether the prepared material is a substitute material listed in the BOM.

2. The SMT operator refers to the SMT stack location table, identifies the mounter and feeder position corresponding to the material on the picking tray, and uses a four-digit code to designate the mounter and feeder position. The first code can be A, B, C, D, corresponding to three JUKI patch lines, A, B, and C represent the first, second, and third mounters of the J1, J3 patch lines, respectively. B represents the first and second mounters of the J2 patch line, corresponding to the CASIO mounter, and A, B, C, and D represent four feeder supports of the STAGE 1, STAGE 2, STAGE 3, and STAGE 4 of the mounter respectively. station. The second code is F, R, F is on the front of the feeder plate, R is on the back of the feeder plate. The third and fourth digits are Arabic numbers representing the feeder position numbers to be installed.

Third, confirm the polarity of a good component, if it is inconsistent with the label of the station table, feedback is required.

4. Place a feeder plate with a good mark on the placement machine and feeder position on the feeder. Write the four-digit code for the specified mounter and Feida position on the label paper. The P/N of the material is affixed to the feeder. The fixed location is easy to see.

5. Install the filled Feida on the Feida turnover car, push the turnover car next to the SMT machine, and install it on the placement machine on the placement machine's feeder support platform. After self-inspection, the operator informs the relevant personnel to review and notify the IPQC to check the material. After the inspection, it must promptly fill in the material record form. The LQC will fill in the material record form after completing the first item inspection.

6, the production of intermediate refueling reference to the above steps 2-5.

7. Conversion of components of different packaging methods: The stack position table usually only sets the stacking position of the tape packaging components. When changing between tape packaging and tube assembly, TDS tray packaging components, it will involve the change of the stack position. The content of the change is filled in the record form; when the components of different packaging methods are changed, the angle of the patch may also need to be adjusted, and the adjuster will complete the adjustment of the patch angle.

8. Loading requirements for tube loading: The IC tube shall be labelled with the placement machine, feeder position, and material P/N label. Before loading, check whether the components in the IC tube are misplaced or misaligned; To charge the component in the forward or leftward direction, the polarity direction is the first priority. Only when the polarity direction is not suitable for the forward, it will go to the left and record the changed component polarity direction. c. Components with similar shape should not be arranged in adjacent positions as far as possible to avoid mistaken material and mixed materials. When each tube of tube charge is changed, it must be self-inspected, rechecked, LQC checked, and IPQC as same as reel and reel loading. Check, the loading and reloading of the pipe is relatively frequent, and the material must be checked and recorded in time after loading.

9, the use of TDS tray components of the provisions of the provisions: To put in the material tray containing the placement machine, feeder position, material P / N label, check the tray for error, wrong direction; component direction to press The polarity of the component is loaded in the forward or leftward direction. The polarity is forwarded to the first priority. Only when the polarity direction is not suitable for the forward direction will it be left, and the polarity of the component after the change will be recorded; each change When feeding materials, it is necessary to conduct self-inspection, review, LQC inspection, IPQC inspection, and TDS tray assembly component refueling as frequently as the reeling and reel charging, and the material must be checked and recorded in time after loading.




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