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Used automatic placement machine

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Used automatic placement machine

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  • Date:2018/04/19
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Product Name:Used automatic placement machine

Related knowledge The 
automatic placement machine is a device for realizing high-speed, high-precision and automatic placement of components and parts, and is the most critical and most complex device in the entire SMT production. The SMT machine is the main equipment in the SMT production line. The SMT machine has evolved from an early low-speed mechanical placement machine to a high-speed optical centering machine, and has developed modularly into a versatile and flexible connection. 

Second-hand automatic placement machine operating system 
1, various lights, buttons, operating handle appearance complete, operation, display normal; 
2, the computer system is working properly; 
3, the input and output system is working properly. 

The mechanical parts of the second-hand automatic placement machine 
, the transmission belts, the chain, and the connecting pins are complete, and there is no aging damage. 
2. The transmission guide rails and the screws run smoothly and harmoniously, with no abnormal noise and no oil leakage. 

The controlling part of the second-hand automatic placement machine 
, the driving cylinder, the solenoid valve, and the piping and the connector are free from foreign matter and no leakage. Drive cylinder and solenoid valve work normally, no noise; 
2, compressed air drying filter device is complete and intact. 

The placement accuracy of the second-hand placement machine is 
the maximum offset between the center of the component and the centerline of the corresponding pad, and does not exceed 1/3 of the width of the component's foot (visual inspection); or the occurrence of abnormal offset is not more than 3 inches. 
The appearance of the instrument and instrument is in good condition. The indication is accurate. The readings are conspicuous. Within the qualified use period; the 
equipment is regularly maintained inside and outside, kept clean, free of oil, no rust, and arranged around with accessories, and the equipment is well lubricated.



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