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juki automatic placement machine

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juki automatic placement machine

  • Type:Mounter

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  • Date:2018/04/19
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Product Name:juki automatic placement machine

Product parameters 
Whether to provide custom processing: Yes  
Brand: JUKI/Heavy 
products Alias: Mounter  
Uses: Electronic components Surface Mount  
Applicable industries:

Main maintenance methods of electronics, communications, LED, digital  juki automatic placement machine
1) Inspection and maintenance of the transport track Check 
if the track belt is damaged or loose. Inspect the track for foreign matter. After the inspection, use clean paper to clean the track (residue, dirt, etc.). 
2) Lubrication of Slide Rails and Screws of 
Slides Clean the slides and screws with clean paper to ensure that there is no residual oil and debris. Use a grease gun to inject the lubricant from the screw and slide rails into the contact surfaces of the sliding rails and the respective pairs of movements of the screw until the dirty grease is squeezed out, and clean it with a clean paper.Manually move the patch head to make the oil evenly coated on the surface of the screw and slide rail. 
3) Shaft rod maintenance The 
Shaft rod is used to hold the suction nozzle and serve as a nozzle vacuum passage. It is difficult to remove and install the Shaft rod. Special removal tools are required. Remove the Shaft rod, wrap the rod with clean paper, blow the air from the rod opening with an air gun, and blow the dirt to clean paper until it is blown. Clean the Shaft rods with clean paper and apply a small amount of butter on the clean surface. Install the Shaft rods, but be aware of vacuum. 
4) Maintenance of vacuum switching valve 
Use an Allen wrench to remove the vacuum switching valve, remove the rubber gasket, remove the cotton, use an air gun to blow the oil on the valve body, and wipe the switching valve with a dustless paper. Clean, put on new cotton, and install rubber gaskets. With a cotton swab dipped in the appropriate amount of red oil, point to the body link hinge, and then take the appropriate amount of oil, the valve lubrication. After completion of work, use a torque wrench to install the switching valve. 
5) Maintenance of suction head gear 
Rotate the suction nozzle head, wipe the pinion gear on the suction nozzle head clean, apply proper amount of red oil on the pinion gear, and rotate the suction nozzle head to make the pinion gear lubricated sufficiently. 
6) Feeder maintenance
The maintenance of the feeder is relatively simple, as long as the residue on the feeder cover and reel can be cleaned with a solvent without dust. 
7) Cleaning and maintenance of the nozzle 
First use the needle to clear the inner hole of the suction nozzle, then install the ultrasonic cleaner with a proper amount of water, put the suction nozzle into it, put the lid on it, start the cleaning several times, and blow clean after the cleaning. 
8) Cleaning Camera Lens The 
camera is a relatively "fragile" component in the placement machine. Because the circuit is small and exposed to the outside, avoid using an air gun to blow the circuit. Due to its complex structure and precision, non-manufacturers are generally not allowed to disassemble. Generally, they can only clean the lens. Therefore, wipe the lens directly with dry clean paper and wipe it clean.



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