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Used JUKI placement machine operation steps

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Used JUKI placement machine operation steps

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How to use the used JUKI placement machine has the following steps:

    1. Operate the JUKI second-hand placement machine according to the requirements before checking one by one, do the daily maintenance and maintenance of the equipment; check whether the equipment is complete, and notify the engineer in case of any defect;

    2. Never put hands or foreign objects into the device during the production process. Do not press the emergency stop, power switch, protective door and safety cover of the machine to avoid false operation of the sensor. In case of emergency, directly press the emergency stop or the power switch;

    3, the operator must regularly maintain and maintain the machine; machine maintenance, maintenance must be in a stopped state and a device technician or engineer in the side can be operated; production equipment is only auscultation, notify the equipment engineer when the machine is abnormal processing, processing After the problem, put the moved parts back in place;

    4, adjust the feeder step after feeding, confirm that all the FEEDER covers in the machine are fully buckled and placed smoothly; clean the FEEDER bin every 2 hours to check the error message every 2 hours, if the machine rejects or abnormal timing Ask the engineer to solve;

    5, when switching the product to determine the direction of the board and the reference point is correct; take the PCB when holding the edge of the PCB, to prevent the touch solder paste; to confirm the first piece of PCB is reversed, wrong parts, missing stickers, and other pieces of bad When the materials are replaced, the material personnel should be notified to check again and fill in the material replacement records in time; the width of the adjustment track must be 0.5-1mm larger than the PCB to carefully record the production problems, and the device files should not be arbitrarily deleted to avoid the loss of system files.

    6, tube mounted, disk mounted IC chip to confirm the correct direction of the chip and to maintain consistency; when loading the chip, ensure that the IC tray and the tray machine magnets tightly, and will replace the rest of the IC disk up and put away ;

    7, after the end of production to confirm whether the product has been completed, maintenance of contaminated suction nozzle, and do the equipment and the surrounding 5S, to ensure that no equipment, parts, and other foreign materials. (Use a clean cloth to clean the keyboard, monitor, security door, etc.)

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