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Analysis of the Reasons Why the JUKI Solenoid Valve Cannot Be Closed After a Power Failure

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Analysis of the Reasons Why the JUKI Solenoid Valve Cannot Be Closed After a Power Failure

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        With the government and enterprises in the solenoid -tech R & D and production continued penetration, the solenoid valve industry development of our country's sustained and healthy, JUKI-750 vacuum solenoid retail, research and development of products is gradually increasing, with some of the The performance of imported solenoid valves is comparable. In the Shanghai-Nanjing high-speed rail and the Shanghai World Expo supporting equipment on a wide range of domestic-made solenoid valves. The outcome is expensive imported solenoid valves, long delivery times and difficult maintenance issues. Received a wide range of praise, JUKI-750 vacuum solenoid valve prices, but also received the support of many consumer companies.

  Analysis of the reason why the JUKI solenoid valve cannot be closed after power off

  When a user uses a solenoid valve, the phenomenon that the solenoid valve is shut off after the power failure of the solenoid valve often occurs, that is, the valve is not cut off. This type of failure may cause the solenoid valve to still have a medium to flow out in the event of a power failure.

Encounters such situations should be investigated from the following aspects:

  First of all, the user should judge the structure and selection of JUKI solenoid valve to see if it is suitable for working conditions: Direct-acting solenoid valve structure has a limitation on the use of pressure, usually zero pressure or low pressure; and pilot solenoid valve requires a certain amount before and after the valve The pressure difference can be used normally.

  Check the installation of the solenoid valve, Zhaoqing JUKI-750 vacuum solenoid valve, if the direction of the flow is consistent with the direction of the body arrow, whether according to the instructions required to operate.

  The balance hole, pilot hole or pilot port inside the solenoid valve is easy to block. Therefore, check whether the fluid medium is clean and free of particulate impurities. The fluid viscosity must meet the requirements.

  Check the solenoid valve diaphragm or piston seal assembly for damage, JUKI-750 vacuum solenoid valve improved, if found abnormal, it should be replaced; check the solenoid valve seal to see if it does not match the actual working pressure and working temperature.

  According to these procedures, the electromagnetic valve can be completely investigated, and the cause of the malfunction can be found, and the electromagnetic valve can be restored as soon as possible.

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