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JUKI Mounter

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JUKI Mounter

  • Type:Mounter

  • Times:
  • Date:2018/04/19
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Product Name:JUKI Mounter

Product Parameter 
Weight: 1410(kg)  
Automatic Manual: Automatic  
Patch Speed: 13000 (Grain/Hour)  
Model: JUKI 2050  
Brand: JUKI/Heavy  
Power Supply: 380(V)  
Number of Feeders: 80  
Process Customization: Yes 

JUKI Stickers machine reflow furnace 
1. The temperature control range meets the specifications of the manual. 
2. Speed control meets the specifications of the manual; 
3. Substrate movement lateral temperature difference; 
4. The appearance of the heater is complete and the electrical connection is reliable. The hot air blower operates smoothly and without noise; 
5. The rails adjust freely and remain parallel. The effective width of the transmission substrate meets the specifications of the manual; 
6. The operating system is working properly, the appearance of the instrument and the instrument are in good condition, the indication is accurate, and the reading is conspicuous, within the qualified use period; 
7. The electrical equipment is complete, the pipelines are arranged in order, and the performance is sensitive and reliable 
Regular maintenance inside and outside the equipment, no yellow robes, no grease. 

Daily maintenance of the JUKI placement machine 
Check the part name every week. Procedure Remarks The nozzle holder checks the buffer action. If the action is not smooth, apply a thin layer of lubricant. If the clamp is loose, tighten it. Move the lens to clean dust and residue from the lens. X-axis lead screw Check screw for debris or residue and clean if necessary. X-axis guides check for grease hardening and residue adhesion. Y-axis lead screw Check the screw for debris or residue and clean it if necessary. Y-axis guides check for grease hardening and residue adhesion. W-axis lead screw Inspect the lead screw for debris or residue. Clean the air interface if necessary. Check the Y-ring and O-ring for deterioration. Replace if necessary .



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