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JUKI2080M Used Mounter

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JUKI2080M Used Mounter

  • Type:Mounter

  • Times:
  • Date:2018/04/19
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Product Name:JUKI Used Mounter

Model specification: JUKI2080M

Equipment Introduction:

   The JUKI 2080 is an upgraded version of the JUKI 2060. It uses a high-stability mount head unit and high-resolution axis control. It is widely used in various components and uses common images to facilitate the user's basic design. In addition to the high-speed mounting capability of small components, it can also correspond to ICs or heteromorphic elements with complex shapes. JUKI KE series products have been highly praised by customers for many years. As a modular module concept, it supports flexible and flexible production line construction.


Our company has imported second-hand JUKI 2080 placement machines from overseas countries such as Europe, America and Japan. The machine has a short service life, good maintenance, and a good production status. It provides overseas model reservations and has obvious price advantages. Welcome to inquire!


JUKI 2080 Specifications

Board size: For M substrate (330×250mm) For L substrate (410×360mm) For L-Wide substrate (510×360mm) (optional) For E substrate (510×460mm)*1

Component Size: Laser Recognition 0402 (Inch 01005) Chip ~ 33.5mm Square Element Image Recognition Standard Camera: 3mm Square Element * 2 ~ 74mm Square Element or 50 x 150mm High Resolution Camera (Optional): 1.0 x 0.5mm * 3 ~ 48mm square element or 24 × 72mm 
element placement speed: chip component best condition: 0.178 second / chip (20,200CPH) IPC9850 16,700CPH IC component * 3 1,850CPH 4,860CPH * 4 
component placement accuracy: Laser recognition: ± 0.05 Mm (Cpk≧1) Image recognition: ±0.03mm (±0.04mm when using MNVC (optional))

Component placement type: Up to 80 types (converted to 8mm tape) *5 
1 For questions regarding the E-substrate, please contact your sales representative. 
*2 Use MNVC (option) 
*3 When using a high-resolution camera (option). 
*4 Actual work efficiency: The mounting speed of IC components is the conversion value when 36 QFPs (100 pins or more) or BGAs (256 balls or more) are mounted on an M-size substrate. 
(CPH = average number of mounted components per hour) 
*5 Conversion value when using MNVC (option) and full nozzle at the same time. 
*6 Up to 110 varieties using multi-layer pallet changer



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