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Why used JUKI SMT machine is worth your favor

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Why used JUKI SMT machine is worth your favor

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       Many people think that buying second-hand products is not good, and their quality and performance are not guaranteed, but in reality this is not the case. Many used JUKI equipment, though not new, have undergone reprocessing and new equipment. The difference is not great. Therefore, we can see that many companies have more use of second-hand automatic placement machines . What benefits do you have in buying used automatic placement machines ?

        First of all, nature is the problem of cost and price. Any product you buy second-hand must be given a lot of price. For many companies, it does not require long-term use of a mounter. Buying a second-hand automatic placement machine is fully capable of meeting the needs of enterprises. Using demand, then buying a brand-new product will increase the company's cost.

        Second, the performance of second-hand automatic placement machines is not worse than new ones. In many cases, everyone uses it is also a good social awareness of the company, from the entire society or the entire industry to consider, the use of second-hand automatic placement machine is a This kind of energy-saving means, the use of second-hand automatic placement machine brought about by the resource cost savings is great. The related companies can have related equipment and technologies, and can also recycle many equipment.

        Shenzhen Juke Industry Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in JUKI equipment and JUKI original Feida sales, subordinates Shenzhen Kechuangxin Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen Kechuanghong Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd., responsible for two sales at home and abroad. The market, as a leader in the JUKI placement machine industry, especially in the JUKI original feeder field, is the largest player in the country and has become a leader in the industry, not only in the professional/specificity industry, but also in the industry. Inventory and sales volume is the first in the country. The company holds more than 3,000 in-stock inventory all year round. The company sells JUKI original feeders to break through 9,000. In JUKI equipment, our company owns nearly 1000 square meters of warehouses, and there are nearly 30 JUKI placement machines in stock every year .Equipment for customers to choose, the company Bingzhe innovation and development, never satisfied, dedicated to the spirit of enterprise; all-weather customer service attitude, a group of highly skilled high-quality personnel, you have chosen me, do not worry!






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