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Electric feeder development needs

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Electric feeder development needs

Date:2018-01-16 Author:admin Click:


As electronic components become more and more sophisticated and smaller, the use of electricfeeders has become the standard configuration of the SMT machines. The use of electric feeders for the old SMT machines has become an urgent need for the factory, and our VISKER Electric Federer fulfilled this demand. It not only allowed the old mounter to have a qualitative leap in accuracy, but also increased the mounter's productivity by about 10%.

  Comparison of VISKER electric feeder and traditional mechanical pneumatic feeder:

  I. Interoperability and mutual non-interference

  VISKER electric feeders and mechanical feeders can work at the same time and do not interfere with the platform work. Mainstream mounter JUKI models for the current market can be easily upgraded from KE700 series to KE2000 series, X, FX series, and F series all models for VISCO electric feeders, and can be used together with the old-fashioned mechanical feeders. . Meet the needs of customers with any mechanical and VISKER electric feeder.

  Second, to solve the mechanical feeder, vibration, wear, fast, low precision, high throwing material, turning parts, low suction efficiency and other issues

  VISKER electric feeder has precision electric control board, high-precision servo feed motor, high-power roll scrap motor, and precision stamping parts, high-strength aluminum alloy floor as one of the existing mainstream electric rack (Panxia NPM, Fujitsu NXT and other electric The same configuration of the racks solves the problem of the stability of component placement from 0201 to 0805 electronic components. All the suction nozzles can suck materials at the same time, which can increase the production efficiency and reduce the labor cost.

  Third, to solve the problem of continuous feeder belt failure

  VISKER electric feeder's high-power roll scrap motor, and contraction high-strength elastic rocker arm, firmly press the scrap film, compared to the mechanical feeder Feida's one-way friction wheel structure, often forced to appear too large without the roll The frequent failure of the belt can effectively reduce the occurrence of failures caused by non-receiving tapes.

  Fourth, solve the problem that the factory needs to purchase 8X2 and 8X4 mechanical racks at the time of purchase in order to complete production and increase the purchase cost.

  VISKER electric feeder has a patented design, a feeder has 8X2, 8X4 switching function to meet production needs at any time, to overcome the need to buy a variety of mechanical shelves to meet production needs. For example, feeders 0201, 0402, 0603, VISKER Feida one can complete the production needs.

  V. Solve the problem when the mechanical feeder is on the line, the Y direction can not achieve the same suction and cause frequent replacement of Feida, adjust the reloading, waste a lot of time, waste of labor, reduce production efficiency

  The VISKER feeder can be used to fine-adjust the feeding position of VISKER feeders during the production of electric feeders. It can realize the direct alignment of feeders and patch heads, realize the advantages of all feeders synchronously and quickly, and accelerate the on-line speed, reduce the ejection of materials, and increase production. effectiveness.

  Sixth, to solve the problem of short life loss of mechanical feeders

  VISKER electric feeder, single feeder feeder can continuously produce more than 10 million points.

  The above advantages of VISKER-FEEDER can be realized on the JUKI placement machine platform.






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