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Used juki Mounter

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Used juki Mounter

  • Type:Mounter

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  • Date:2018/04/19
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Product Name: Used juki Mounter

The placement accuracy 
is the maximum offset between the center of the component and the centerline of the corresponding pad, which does not exceed 1/3 of the component's foot width (visual inspection); or the occurrence of abnormal offset is not more than 3 turns. 
The appearance of the instrument and instrument is in good condition. The indication is accurate. The readings are conspicuous. Within the qualified use period; the 
equipment is regularly maintained inside and outside, kept clean, free of oil, no rust, and arranged around with accessories, and the equipment is well lubricated. 

The main reasons for the second-hand juki placement machine and the reasons for countermeasures 
1: The nozzle problem, nozzle deformation, clogging, damage caused by lack of air pressure, leakage, resulting in non-suction material, reclaimer is not correct, identification pass but not material . Countermeasures: Clean and replace the nozzle; 
Reason 2: identify system problems, poor vision, visual or laser lens is not clean, there are sundries to interfere with identification, identification of improper light source selection and intensity, gray scale is not enough, it may identify the system is broken. Countermeasures: Clean and wipe the surface of the identification system, keep it clean and free of dirt, etc., adjust the intensity and gray level of the light source, and replace the identification system components; 
Cause 3: The location is not the center of the material, and the reclaiming height is not correct (generally The offset is caused by the lower pressure of 0.05MM after the part is touched. The deviation is caused by incorrect pick-up and offset. When the identification data is inconsistent with the corresponding data parameter, it is discarded by the identification system as invalid material. Countermeasures: Adjust the reclaiming position; 
Cause 4: Vacuum problem, insufficient air pressure, vacuum tracheal channel is not smooth, vacuum is blocked by a conductor, or vacuum leaks cause insufficient gas pressure and the material cannot be taken or picked up. Drop on the way. 
Countermeasures: adjust the pressure gradient to the required equipment pressure (for example, 0.5~~0.6Mpa--YAMAHA SMT machine), clean the air pressure pipeline, and repair the air leakage path; 
Cause 5: The program parameters of the edited program are incorrect. Inconsistent with the physical size, brightness and other parameters of the incoming object, the identification is not passed but discarded. 
Countermeasures: Modify component parameters and search for the best parameter setting of the component. 
Reason 6: The problem of incoming materials, irregular incoming materials, and unqualified products such as pin oxidation. Countermeasures: IQC makes incoming inspections and contacts component suppliers.
Cause 7: Problems with the feeder, the position of the feeder is deformed, and the feed to the feeder is poor (the feeder's ratchet gear is damaged, the feed tape hole is not stuck on the ratchet gear of the feeder, there is foreign matter under the feeder, and the spring Aging, or poor electrical performance, resulting in unsuccessful reclaiming or poor material discharge, and feeder damage. Countermeasures: Adjust the feeder, clean the feeder platform, replace bad parts or feeders.



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