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Used Mounter

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Used Mounter

  • Type:Mounter

  • Times:
  • Date:2018/04/19
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Product Name: Used Mounter

Product Parameter 
Power: 12K(W)  
Equipment Production Origin: Japan  
Weight: 2000(kg)  
Type: Mounter  
Brand: JUKI  
Power Voltage: 220-380(V)  

Used Mounter Introduction The 
full-automatic placement machine is a device for realizing high-speed, high-precision and full-automatic placement of components. It is the most critical and most complex device in the entire SMT production. The SMT machine is the main equipment in the SMT production line. The SMT machine has developed from an early low-speed mechanical placement machine to a high-speed optical centering machine, and has developed modularly into a versatile and flexible connection. 

The structure of the second-hand placement machine There are 
many varieties of the current placement machine, but whether it is a full-automatic high-speed placement machine or a manual low-speed placement machine, its overall layout has similarities. The automatic placement machine is a computer-controlled high-precision automation device that integrates the electrical machine of the collecting machine. It is mainly composed of a rack, a PCB conveying and bearing organization, a drive system, a positioning and alignment system, a mounting head, a feeder, and an optical system. The recognition system, sensor and computer control system are composed of the functions of capture-displacement-positioning-placement, etc., and SMD components are quickly and accurately mounted. 

Daily maintenance of the second-hand placement machine 
Check the part name every week. Procedure Remarks The nozzle clamp checks the buffering action. If the action is not smooth, apply a thin layer of lubricant. If the clamp is loose, tighten. Move the lens to clean dust and residue from the lens. X-axis lead screw Check screw for debris or residue and clean if necessary. X-axis guides check for grease hardening and residue adhesion. Y-axis lead screw Check the screw for debris or residue and clean it if necessary. Y-axis guides check for grease hardening and residue adhesion. W-axis lead screw Inspect the lead screw for debris or residue. Clean the air interface if necessary. Check the Y-ring and O-ring for deterioration. Replace if necessary. 



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