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JUKI KE2050 Mounter

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JUKI KE2050 Mounter

  • Type:Mounter

  • Times:
  • Date:2018/04/17
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Product Name:JUKI KE2050 Mounter

Place of Origin: JAPAN (Japan)


1,13,200CPH: chip (laser recognition / actual production ergonomics)

   Resolution ±0.05mm(mm) Automatic

2. Laser Patch Head × 1 (4 nozzles 0603 (Inch 0201)

  Chip ~ 20mm square element or 26.5 x 11mm

  0402 (Inch 01005) Chip is factory-selected

Different speed conditions vary

4, substrate size: E substrate (510 × 460mm)

  Lwide (510×360mm) for L substrate (410×360mm)

  For M substrate (330×250mm)

5, weight: 1400 (kg)

6, power: three-phase AC200-415 (V)

6, up to 80 kinds (converted into 8mm band)

 Device size × 2(W×D×H×3) 1,400×1,393×1,440mm

7, four heads

Juki2050 placement machine placement accuracy

That is, the maximum offset between the center of the component and the corresponding pad centerline does not exceed 1/3 of the component's foot width (visual inspection); or the occurrence of abnormal offset does not exceed 3 turns.

The appearance of the instrument and instrument is good, the indication is accurate, and the reading is conspicuous, within the qualified use period;

Regular maintenance inside and outside the equipment, keep it clean, no oil, no rust, surrounded with accessories and other arranged in order, good equipment lubrication.

Daily maintenance of juki2050 placement machine

Check the part name process every week. Note that the nozzle jig checks the buffer action. If the action is not smooth, apply a thin layer of lubricant. If the jig is loose, tighten it. Move the lens to clean dust and residue from the lens. X-axis lead screw Check screw for debris or residue and clean if necessary. X-axis guides check for grease hardening and residue adhesion. Y-axis lead screw Inspect the lead screw for debris or residues and clean it if necessary. Y-axis guides check for grease hardening and residue adhesion. W-axis lead screw Inspect the lead screw for debris or residue and clean it if necessary. Air connection Check the Y-ring and O-ring for deterioration and replace if necessary.



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